A Responce to my English Class Blog.

First off everyone should read/listen to this article from NPR to understand this post. http://www.npr.org/templates/story/story.php?storyId=122725819

here is what i said..

"This is a difficult situation to make the right choice. How do you say to one man we are going to take you away from your life because you cant pay x amount of money. Just like that he was swooped away from his family and life to sit in a floating jail. Seems you would want to encourage a citizen in society to maintain a constant progression forward. It will most likely take him a good amount of time to get back into a steady job. What do the courts expect his family to do? How will he feed his daughter, and provide a roof over her head now, after they (the courts) cost him his only source of legal income? I wonder if this is why more and more people turn to drug dealing and thievery? Desperation will make some people do a lot of crazy things, especially if their child is affected.

There is however a part of me that can see threw a glimpse of the courts eyes. There are laws in place and when they are violated consequence needs to occur. Not to mention the amount of revenue that is generated my misdemeanor fines and bond payments, well at least the booking fee's. I think the bond is generally returned or applies to the fines. I understand the need to send a message that if you insist on repeatedly breaking the law over and over again, even if it is a petty crime, that you will be punished for it. Some judges and prosecutors probably see it as intentional disrespect for them.

Is it really worth the 9 billion a year we spend on keeping none violent and petty crime offenders locked up because they cant make bail? Is that really a good price to send a stern message? I don't believe so I think there has to be some compromise somewhere. Most of the bondsman's price is based on the amount of bail. If I where the judge on this case I would at least consider lowering bail at minimum by half. At least allowing his contacts on the outside to acquire enough cash in time and maybe saving this man his job and dignity. I do not thinking just turning them all away and setting them free is the answer either. It would be like letting loose 100 cats and one of them is going to kill another cat. I know its a weird metaphor, but think about it. People break the law for a reason, whether it be desperation, drug addiction, or a release from a troubled life(it could be all three). What if only one of the hundreds of thousands who cant post bond molest a child in the future? Is that really worth saving a few cents in the long run? People don't get caught for everything they do, and they for sure don't get caught for everything they think. Again I say far compromise would be a good tactic call it weed control. "