Start it off Right....Why do i say Rogue Adoptee

Im sure plenty of you are wondering why i call myself the Rogue Adoptee. This is simple because i intend to challenge both sides of Adoption. This is just a brief Intro to who i am and my experience. My views and thoughts and well come as i post more blogs. PLEASE FEEL FREE to agree or disagree with me but do it in a well manor-ed way. I would like this blog to almost be a resource for people to read when looking for some sort of guidance.

I am a child of the open adoption experiment, and i am a man of two worlds. I say this because i feel that both my biological and adoptive families have played large roles in making me who i am today. My Mother lost me and i lost her when she was 16 to a corrupt money hungry system. A system that sees dollar signs over the welfare of both child and mother. On a sunny fall day in 2006 I was walking into my job at the time. I was a cook at a restaurant called The Place, we did fine dinners and catering events. I looked to my left and glimpsed the patio, and there i saw him. A man standing with a young adult boy just staring at me i as made my way into the building. I got into work scared that someone was here to hurt me. I owed some people money and i had been running around with the wrong crowd of people. The man told the waitresses that he wanted to see me and talk to me. Over and over again i declined to go outside to see him. Finally one of the waitresses came back with a Business card for a company called Forward Enterprise. I don't know honestly what made me change my mind, but what happened next was one of the most pivotal moments in my life. One of those moments that echoes threw my mind like a beautiful song you never forget. My life was about to change forever.
I walked over to the man and introduced myself as Justin. He took his sunglasses off his eyes and looked deep into mine and then he said it. Words i will never forget. "Hi im John I've been waiting 19 years for this moment, I'm your father." Word can not describe the world of emotions that ran threw my body. The rest of the day seemed like a dream. I found out later that my Mother had found me after a long search on MySpace, where i listed my place of employment. Amazing what life can bring to you in the most unexpected ways.
I spent my first Christmas with my family that year. But it wasn't all just lullabies and rainbows. It wasn't long after Christmas i severed contact with my Family and ran straight back to my old life pretending nothing happened. This Lasted for a year, i commonly refer to this year as "The Year of Hell" So many different emotions went threw me and i could not make since of any of them.
Then one day I got a package in the mail. In it where two books from my Mother. With a letter telling me she was still there for me and that I should read these. The books sat comfortably on my desk for a wile till one night I opened one of the books and read, that moment was another life changing moment for me.

Some few months later I made the big move to Broomfield to live with my family. From the support of my family I started to understand who I was as an individual and understand some of the emotions I was feeling. I went threw a cut off period with my adoptive family as well and have just recently began talking to my Adoptive Mother again.

My life know is school and preparation for my overall goal. I wasn't to become a post adoption therapist for young kids and teens experiencing then same troubles and confusions that I myself went threw. I Want to make a change and big change in the world of adoption and it all begins here with this blog.



January 24, 2010 at 6:48 AM

Hi Justin,

I actually found your blog through your mom's. I am also an adoptee found through the miracle of am looking forward to reading more!

In peace,


January 24, 2010 at 9:21 AM

Would love to read, but the small print is killing me.

Alos linked through your Mom. Adult adoptee here too

  Justin Ward

January 24, 2010 at 6:32 PM

;) I made the txt bigger for you Lora :P.


January 30, 2010 at 9:19 AM

Thanks! Much better